Co-creating successfully, would you?

You can choose:

  • The Co-Creation-Spiderchart
  • The Co-Creation card game
  • The digital scan with the Co-Creation-Wheel

Choose the suitable tool to map out, monitor or improve your co-creative innovation.

You can contact Corry Ehlen to gain acces to this tools.

The Co-Creation-Spiderchart

With this Spiderchart of the Co-Creation-Wheel team members and yourself map fast and visual the innovation power of the team. By comparing the charts, discussion on areas of improvements and successes starts!

The Co-Creation card game

Do you want to dig deeper? Then the card game of the co-creation-wheel, with five different methods, is the ideal tool. Possible goals are, simply learning to know the elements of the Co-Creation-Wheel, or making a specified analysis of strong and weak points of the project. Together, as a team. Playful and instructive.

Digital scan with the Co-Creation-Wheel

A digital scan, based on the Co-Creation-Wheel makes the innovation power in your team concrete and measurable. With team average and standard deviation and a clear picture of the success factors of your team.  Anonymous, specific, place and time independent.

How? That you can read in next flyer.