In December 2019 I stayed as consultant and trainer for two weeks at the Ace Institute of Management in Kathmandu. It is the best Institute of Management in Nepal.

During these two weeks I offered workshops to the management staff, to the teaching staff and to classes of students of the BBA and MBA. Also I presented my knowledge to the staffs of the Ace Secondary and Primary schools.

The three subjects were: Positional and Distributed Leadership, Keys for a successful study program, and my model, the Co-Creation-Wheel.

All were appreciated very highly. Especially the Co-Creation-Wheel proved to be an inspiring and useful instrument for reflection on the organization and on the culture of the staffs to cooperate and to innovate.

For the students the active workshops about Leadership were inspiring and joyful.

I appreciated the pleasant, social and warm atmosphere to work with these nice colleagues in Kathmandu.

It is the intention that these workshops are the start of a process of improvement at these Ace Institutes.

I look forward to it.

Stafmembers Ace Institute of Management reflecting the Co-Creation-Wheel

Directors and Staff of Management Institute Ace enthusiastic about the Co-Creation-Wheel

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