Enhancing successful cooperation and innovation: better results, working together with more pleasure

Co-creation of innovation by investment in the relations between people

Are you looking for a partner in setting up or guiding a change process, or for coaching a colleague or a team, or do you want to apply the Co-Creation-Wheel as stimulating tool?  Then please contact CoCreata for advice, training, workshop, lecture or research.

The driving force behind CoCreata is Dr. Corry Ehlen, consultant, trainer and researcher, particularly in the fields of education, health care, arts and SMEs.

Corry has a lot of experience in guiding national and international innovation projects, upgrading of processes, and professionalization of professionals, such as teachers, staff, consultants and policy officers.

Characteristic for her method is: the use of the team mix, the use of networks, peer consultation and interim feedback, mostly with the inspiring instrument the Co-Creation-Wheel.

For more information please contact Corry Ehlen: +31 6 533 88 104 or info@cocreata.nl.